Large smartphones, tablets, and laptops have been banned from the cabin area on flights to the UK from six Middle Eastern countries, under new government guidelines.

The strict security measures have reportedly been introduced in response to intelligence that Islamic State militants plan to target aircraft flying into the UK and US with bombs disguised as batteries for portable electronic devices.

Under the new arrangements, passengers boarding flights from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Turkey to the UK will not be allowed to take phones, laptops and tablets which are larger than 160 x 93 x 15mm into the cabin area. Passengers with these devices are advised to check with their airlines for more details on transporting these items.

Easyjet has confirmed that the new restrictions will affect its customers flying from Turkey and Egypt, and says passengers on these flights will be required to place these larger electronic devices in the hold. The airline said passengers would face extra security checks and advised them to arrive early at their airport.

The restrictions on UK-bound flights is more specific that the ban implemented on flights from these countries to the US, where authorities have banned all electronic devices, no matter the size, from the cabin area.


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