The number of violent crimes and sex offences recorded by police in England and Wales has risen dramatically over the last 12 months, official figures show.

The number of robberies and knife crime also rose over the last 12 months, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

There were a total of 5.3 million crimes recorded in the year to Septembers, a rise of 14% over the previous year. Robberies (up 29%), sex offences (up 23%), knife crimes (up 21%), and violent crimes (up 20%) saw the greatest increase.

The latest figures contradict the estimates from the separate annual Crime Survey, based on interviews with 35,000 households, which includes crimes unreported to police, which show a decline in overall crime over the last year. However, it is clear that the rise in the number of reported crimes has put increased pressure on the police at a time when the number of officers have been cut to the lowest number since 1996.

Labour shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, said the figures were “truly shocking and should put an end to Government complacency on crime” and blamed the Conservative government for “failing in a basic duty to protect the public”.


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