A neo-Nazi who planned a terror attack from his bedroom and fantasized about killing Prince Charles so that the UK could be ruled by ‘ginger’ Prince Harry has been found guilty at a retrial.

Mark Colborne, 37, was found guilty of preparing terrorist acts with a majority of ten to two jurors after more than 14 hours of deliberations. The conviction at the Old Bailey follows a previous trial in May, where the jury failed to reach a decision.

In what Judge John Bevan described as a “strange case”, the jury heard how Colborne plotted a terror attack out of revenge for being “belittled” as ginger and white.

He was arrested on 3 June 2014 after his mother and half-brother found large stockpiles of equipment such as face masks masks, syringes, and spray cans in his bedroom at the family’s Southampton home and informed police.

During the previous trial, prosecutors described how he drew comparisons between himself and Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, and his diary told of fantasies to “put a bullet” in Prince Charles’ head so that the monarchy would pass to ginger Prince Harry.

He said:

“I would sacrifice my life for that one shot. Kill Charles and William and Harry become king. Kill the tyrants.”

Despite being found guilty of possessing books and notes from anarchist explosives guides such as The Terrorist Handbook and The Jolly Roger Cookbook, the jury cleared Colborne of intending to the use chemicals and equipment he had bought over the internet in a terror attack.

Colborne will be sentenced on 3 November.


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