Olympic Graffiti

The Olympic opening ceremony is set to be a spectacular occasion on Friday evening as the world’s greatest athletes and thousands of tourists descend on London for the next two weeks of sport. Everyone hopes that the event goes off without a hitch and their country comes home with medals and records, but much has been glossed over in the hype.

These Olympics are to be the most heavily securitised event in peacetime history with helicopters and drones in the air and missile launchers on the tops of blocks of flats. There are the people who have been evicted from their homes for the last few decades to make way for the “regeneration” of East London, which is closer to a “reformatting” of the area. And then there’s the issues of the shambolic security firm G4S and the protection of the rights of sponsors over the rights of the British public who have financed a much larger portion of these games than was originally budgeted and all at a time of austerity.

Luckily, VICE are on hand with their four part series (embedded below) to scrape a little under the surface in their usual irreverent tone.

The VICE Guide To The Olympics Part 1

The VICE Guide To The Olympics Part 2

The VICE Guide To The Olympics Part 3

The VICE Guide To The Olympics Part 4


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