People sit down to somosas and pizza at the Lewisham Islamic Centre

People sit down to somosas and pizza at the Lewisham Islamic Centre. Photograph by Alastair Cutting

Following the lead of the York Mosque that was widely praised for diffusing the tension of protesters from the EDL and other groups last weekend by offering them tea and biscuits, Lewisham Islamic Centre today welcomed all-comers with somosas and pizza.

Far right political group the BNP had originally organised a protest march in Westminster, but they were met by a larger group of those from the Anti-fascist league and other organisations who were successful in preventing much of a demonstration.

Whilst the protests continued in Westminster, the Lewisham Islamic Centre opened its doors to all-comers in a sign of hospitality and community, welcoming all those in their borough and neighbouring boroughs who had prevented the BNP from getting permission to march there. The Islamic Centre had previously been organising a rally to oppose any BNP protests in Lewisham, but with the news that the BNP failed to obtain permission for a protest march there, they instead have opened their doors and are offering somosas and pizza to anyone who walks in.




  1. The experiment of multiculturism has failed,and all can see it ! we now have self imposed ghettos with hardly any intergration by the “ethnic Minority”then the Ethnic Majority are blamed.No one asked for mass imigration except fools who thought the world was flat,and now we have the consequences

    • The Islamic Cultural Centre is Lewisham is showing the success of multiculturalism. They have opened their doors to everyone as a show of community spirit.

    • no, a minority of the ethnic majority have been blamed. surely there are those that would blame an entire nation for the actions of a minority, but that would be like assuming all muslims are extremists, or oppose british culture when in fact they want to live amongst it and be a part of it. in short, no… most people tend to give it more thought than the EDL.

      if multiculturalism is an experiment as you say, it started centuries ago.

    • You could not be further from the truth. I go to Lewisham Islamic centre regularly and although I’m new to that community I can say without a doubt it is the best multicultural centre I have ever seen in the UK. U meet people from all over the world. Places u never heard about and there is a sizeable number of local white English people who attend. We are all equal.

      By the way. We had to cancel our once in a year sports day at the Valley (Charlton FCC) due to danger of families being attacked by EDL. And that even is very popular amongst the youth in southeast London cos they get the chance to play at a high standard pitch and have scouts watch them. This is open for all (white, black, Muslim, Christian, Jew, atheist) so who is destroying the multicultural society I ask you?