The delay in paying welfare benefits to two disabled people was “unlawful”, the High Court has ruled.

The unnamed pair said that they were forced to rely on loan sharks and food banks after their Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) were delayed by nine months.

In her ruling, Mrs Justice Patterson said that the magnitude of the delay was unlawful, but that it would be inappropriate for her to treat the claim as a test case and rule all delays in the scheme to be illegal because of “considerable variations in individual circumstances”.

She went on to say that while the nine-month delay for Ms C and Mr W to receive the disability benefits was unlawful, it did not breach their human rights, a claim the government had dismissed as “absurd”.

According to the BBC, there are currently 78,700 people waiting to find out whether tey can claim PIP, with 3,200 of whom have waited more than 12 months for a decision.


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