The Daily Mail has been widely criticised for its attempts to dehumanise the victims of the Finsbury Park terror attack, by trying to imply the worshippers at the mosque were terrorist-sympathisers.

A white male purposely drove a rental van into worshippers as they exited the mosque following taraweeh late night prayers shortly after midnight on Monday morning.

In the wake of the terror attack, rather than focus on the possible Islamophobic motives behind the attack, the newspaper instead though it appropriate to highlight that the Finsbury Park mosque was home to hate preacher Abu Hamza more than a decade ago.

Hamza did deliver his message of hate at the mosque, but it was taken over in 2005 by the Muslim Council of Britain in 2005, and has since become a well-regarded and accepting place of worship under the guidance of Mohammed Kozbar. Those targeted in this attack had nothing to do with the hate preacher, and were merely Londoners on their way home.

A screenshot of the original story published by the Mail was widely shared on social media.

Daily Mail dehumanises victims of Finsbury attack

Daily Mail dehumanises victims of Finsbury attack

Those who read this story would not have seen how despite being the target of a terror attack, those at the scene found the courage to subdue the attacker and wait until police arrived under the guidance of a local Imam, who wanted to see the man face justice in the courts.

The red top press was quick to ask questions about how the recent radical Islamist attackers on London and Manchester had become radicalised. Maybe they are concerned that the radicalisation of far right killers, like the man who killed MP Jo Cox or this man who drove a van into innocent pedestrians were radicalised in their pages.

After widespread condemnation for its coverage, the Mail has updated its story and now does make clear the current mosque has nothing to do with the hate preacher.



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