MPs have reacted angrily to the news that the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War will not report until after the general election in May.

Inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot faces questions from MPs after he said he saw “no realistic prospect” of publishing the report before 7 May.

In a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, Chilcot said that the inquiry had made “substantial progress” over the last few months, and individuals criticised in the report are currently being offered a chance to respond.

He explained:

“We intend to finish our work as soon as it is possible to do so whilst being fair to all those involved”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg condemned the delay and said that the public will assume that the delay would be due to those criticised in the report attempting to “sex it down”.

Whilst the delay to publish a report that has already taken six years has angered MPs, Chilcot did say that the “Inquiry has reached agreement with Sir Jeremy on the publication of 29 of Mr Blair’s Notes to President Bush, subject to a very small number of essential redactions”.

In his response, Cameron said he would have liked the report to have been published sooner, but blamed the previous government for not establishing the Inquiry earlier.


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  1. Typical of the Establishment who think that the people are thick in not appreciating that the longer this goes on, the more time there is to cover up people’s tracks. Even when it comes out, it will be a total whitewash as always with these ‘establishment’ inquiries – see Iraq Inquiry: The First Big Lie’ below where the Chilcot panel were/are overwhelmingly supporters of the Iraqi War. Indeed not bad either if you can get a part of the action with £9 million+ already paid out by the taxpayer for just another eventual political ‘whitewash’. There simply is no justice anymore in Britain, as the rich and powerful elites do as they wish and the people are just mere pawns in the whole unpalatable system that is more corrupt than ever. I bet Blair is laughing all the way to the bank and back as he has made a fortune on the back of his middle-east connections gained predominantly through this atrocious war against so-called weapons of mass destruction. What a massive lie that was.

    It is about time that the Establishment stood up, were counted and admitted their crimes, but where I am not holding my breath one bit.