A group of activists have taken advantage of a special offer in the Daily Mail for a discounted ferry trip to Calais, to bring the migrant refugees there supplies and blankets.

Around a dozen activists from Strike! magazine have organised to visit the Impasse des Salines camp on Sunday after taking advantage of a £1 ferry deal with P&O in the Daily Mail.

The group, who have said that they are taking donations of warm coats, blankets, and other supplies to the migrant refugees, were inspired by David Charles and Beth Granville, who made the same trip earlier this week.

After returning form Calais, the pair “praised” the Daily Mail for its “courageous humanitarian stance”. Mocking the notoriously anti-immigrant newspaper, they wrote on their blog:

“Your courageous humanitarian stance should be saluted – but instead you’re constantly pilloried by the loony left as “anti-immigration”, “anti-welfare” and “anti-freeze”. Everyone should clearly understand your newspaper is cover-to-cover political satire!”

The duo went on to pen a guide to following in their footsteps:

Be like Satirical News Journal The Daily Mail and Support Calais Migrants!

1. Book a ferry ticket with P&O by the 1st of February, using code DAILYMAIL4, to take advantage of the Daily Mail’s humanitarian largesse.

2. Pack up a backpack or load up a car with tents, blankets, (men’s) shoes, winter jackets and a couple of sets of dominoes. If you have none of these things, take a warm hug and a friendly smile.

3. Visit the migrant camp at Impasse des Salines or the “Jungle” along Rue des Garennes. If you want to support activists in Calais, contact Calais Migrant Solidarity on +33 75 34 75 159.

4. Enjoy your free bottle of wine, courtesy of our sponsor, The Daily Mail!


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