US: Chicago police arrest four over kidnap and torture live-streamed on Facebook


Police in the US city of Chicago have arrested five people after the torture of a young man was live-streamed on Facebook.

The video shows the unnamed 18-year-old victim, who is mentally disabled, bound and gagged in the corner of a room. Over the course of around 30 minutes of footage, the attackers, which include at least one black woman and two black men, cut the victim’s clothes, drop ash on him, make him drink from a toilet bowl, and cut off part of his scalp with a knife.

The attackers can be heard shouting “F*ck white people” and “f*ck Donald Trump” as they assault their victim.

The man is believed to have been kidnapped for up to 48 hours after being lured to the location by one of his attackers, who he knew from school.

Police found the man lost and wandering the streets in a disorientated and distressed state after the assault, and took him to hospital.

Chicago police chiefs have described the video as “sickening” and said it may be prosecuted as a hate crime.

Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the US and recorded 762 murders last year, more than the number in the entire UK.



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