Jordan has executed two convicted jihadists in response to the gruesome killing of one of its air force pilots.

Jordanian authorities hanged failed suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi, and al-Qaeda operative Ziyad Karboli, both Iraqi nationals, on Wednesday morning.

Jordan had warned the Islamic State (IS) that they would execute jihadist prisoners if they murdered Moaz al-Kasasbeh, and the executions came hours after a video of the pilot being burned alive while locked in a cage was posted online.

Although the video was posted online on Tuesday, reports from inside Raqqa, the de-facto capital of the Islamic State, say that the pilot was killed a month ago.

Rishawi had been sentenced to death for her role in 2005’s terror attacks on Amman, which killed 60 people, and Karboli was convicted killing a Jordanian national in 2008.

IS appear to have used discussions about a possible prisoner swap of Rishawi for Kasasbeh, who they had already killed, as a tactic to foster doubt within Jordan about the country’s role in the coalition fighting the Islamic State.

Earlier, clashes broke out in Kasabeh’s home town of Karak over the government’s handling of the case, with protesters calling for the Jordanian military to avenge the pilot’s death.

Kasabeh’s father told reporters that the blood of his son was the blood of the nation, and called for IS to be “eliminated completely”.

King Abdullah of Jordan cut short his visit to the US upon hearing the news of Kasasbeh’s murder, and has praised him as a hero that sacrificed himself for his country.



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    “Jordan executes jihadist prisoners in response to murder of Moaz al-Kasasbeh”. This spiral of violence must stop.