According to one recent survey, the average UK adult spends £330 on buying presents every Christmas, but with an estimated £700 million of unwanted presents purchased each year it is important to make sure your presents are well received. Here are six options that can work for any occasion.

DIY gifts

Whilst everyone enjoys being spoiled with a luxury present, for most it really is the thought that counts and so home-made gifts are a great alternative, especially if you’re on a budget. Depending on your interest and skillset, you can create anything from your own candles or soaps, to baking sets, chocolates, jams, chutneys, or spice mixes. If you know the recipient well, then you’ll know if they have a sweet tooth, love a pampering, or enjoy the kitchen and will be able to think of something relevant and personal – the perfect gift.


Whether you are looking for a Christmas, birthday, or 50th wedding anniversary gift, then flowers are always a great option. Last-minute petrol-station flowers do not cut it, but a beautiful bouquet from a local florist made up of the recipient’s favourite flowers or highlighting their favourite colour is guaranteed a smile. And bundle it with a bottle of Champagne or other favourite tipple and you have a great gift for any occasion.


Whilst e-readers like Kindles have been around for over two decades, it is a tribute to the love of flipping through pages in your hands that books, of the paper not virtual variety, are still wildly popular and a great present for almost anybody. From the latest spy thriller, to a romance, or a coffee table book with photos and stories about a subject they love, there are no end of possibilities to buy from your local bookstore (or Amazon at a push) for every budget. Or, even if you don’t know the recipient, then giving someone a copy of the best book you have read this year, or your favourite book of all time is always a good option.


Recent years have seen a shift towards people buying experiences as presents rather than traditional gifts. This is partly due to an increased focus on the environment, but also largely that creating a memorable and joyful experience with someone is priceless. The actual experience you might give will depend on the recipient, but there are an infinite number of options available from driving sports cars around the track or a day at the ironworks, to creating sumptuous chocolates with a professional chocolatier or a day at the spa – everyone’s interests are covered.


Subscription businesses have become somewhat of a trend in recent years, with it now possible to buy almost anything on a monthly basis, and that can mean some great gift ideas! There are independent magazines for almost all interests that you could choose, from Olive for foodies to Simple Things for the crafty, or you could go with a beer or wine subscription for those that enjoy a tipple, or a charcuterie or cheese subscription for those into their foods. Alternatively, a subscription to Spotify or Netflix will be well received by almost everybody with an internet connection!

Care packages from home

Personal gifts always make people feel loved, and for those currently abroad or away from home a care package of their favourite foods and other items are a great way to create something unique and thoughtful. Maybe they can’t get Marmite or PG Tips where they live, or maybe it’s UK chocolate bars that make them think of home, but putting a dozen or so items together into a box or basket with a little note will always be popular.


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