Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you’re a fan of noise pop, you need this song in your life. Created by a band who have been together for barely four months, it is a powerful, pulsating track that hints at Splashh becoming one of the country’s brightest new bands. Those of you who were quick on the draw a few weeks back will have flagged (and most likely worn out) the Soundcloud stream of the new jam, Need It, which is below.

If you’d like both music and visuals, though, then you should definitely check out its video. They certainly know what they’re about when it comes to sorting out clips for their songs, as well as, y’know, pretty much everything else. Their stock is rising at an incredible speed, and this is all before the single itself arrives on July 30th via Luv Luv Luv Records (one of those newfangled 7″ vinyl record things), backed with Headspins. They’re on tour soon, and have some dates with Howler lined up, which begin on Tuesday. You’d do well to check them out if you can get to some dates. To say things are looking up for the Hackney-based quartet would be a massive understatement.


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