Often ‘new’ bands have in reality been around for a few years, kept out of site and mind from the general public for whatever reason. But in Battleships’ case the description really does apply, as the group only formed at the beginning of last year.

Based in Sydney and in possession of one Jordan Sturdee on vocals, what spawns forth from the four piece would seem better at home in wild west of – ok we’ll admit it – Kent. Because while this is certainly made by fans of country and folk, for fans of country and folk, there’s a middle class essence that stops Battleships’ music descending into fodder for a down and out bar in Georgia. Not a bad thing; first of all, the band can expect their audience to be sober. Secondly, it buys into the heartfelt, choirboy honesty of Mumford and Sons while pulling at the reigns of evangelical bullcrap with some good old harmonious angst a la The Shins. The downside is lead single “In Retrospect” is slightly unadventurous in style, but that’s mainly down to boring production techniques and not the songwriting itself.

So far plugged by Lauren Laverne (she’s lovely isn’t she?) and working their way through the blogosphere as I type, you can keep up to date with the band over here.


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