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Hot property bolting out the blocks, Bristol’s Empty Pools filled many a heart and equivalent internet with glee when they dropped Vanderbilt Cup a few months back. Seemingly fully formed yet encore a little raw, the four-piece instilled a quite irrepressible hope absolutely instantaneously, and Exploded View is a commensurately eruptive listen that has the bona fide feel of a single in the most traditional of senses. Not the sort you’d pick up ensnared in slimline jewel case among the Pick n’ Mix but that which you’d effervesce at the teeth for once slathered over 7″, and that it was unleashed on the interweb at precisely 2pm this afternoon (June 20th) contributes not only a sense of suspense but also of restricted excitement; of dammed frothage. As with Vanderbilt Cup, there’s an invigorating fidget to it, an angst almost as cascading Greenwood-esque guitars sear through the mucky tumble of Holy Bible-era Manics with the caustic burn of acid rain. We can but hope that once it rains it pours and that ever more material isn’t too far away…


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