Aberlour have brought their vintage Voice-o-Graph recording booth to London, offering the British public a chance to record a message or song direct-to-vinyl, the way many musicians and members of the public did in the 1940s, decades before Soundcloud or even audio cassettes.

In a music world dominated by Spotify and iTunes, vinyl continues to have a resurgence as people come to respect a format where you can hold the physical album art and slowly enjoy a record more and more after each full listen, not just skipping to the more accessible radio highlights.

Aberlour believes that whisky drinking is an experience to be savoured like that of listening to vinyl, one that improves when given the time and attention it deserves. And so they have brought one of only two known working voice-o-graphs (the other is found at Jack White’s Third Man Records) to London’s Phonica Records, where the public are invited to record a message directly to 6″ vinyl and taste a dram of Aberlour’s 12-year-old single malt.

Aberlour’s Voice-o-Graph will be at Phonica Records in London’s Soho until 2 November, before continuing its world tour.


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