Most homeowners understand that redecorating can be an expensive project. From materials to labourers to the finishing touches, the budget continues to gradually increase, and for a lot of people this can be a deterring factor. We’re all in favour of affordable home improvements that will help maximise the space in the home and add value to your property. If you’re wondering ‘how can I sell my house fast’, then we’ve come up with budget-friendly redecoration tips that will increase the value of your property.

1. Replace your front door

Ditching your old front door is a way to begin your budget-friendly renovations. As it’s the first impression visitors and potential buyers have of your property, it introduces your home in the way you want. Additionally, it also adds kerb appeal. A fresh coat of paint can transform a lifeless door and revive it into an inviting entrance to your property, but alternatively, investing in a new front door may be worthwhile- there’s also the option to design your own front door.

Estimated Cost:

  • Exterior paint- £20.
  • New front door- £300- £1000.

2. Paint the floorboards

A fresh coat of paint can transform the whole room in an instant. The flooring choice sets the tone of any room (and property as a whole) and is a cost-effective way to redecorate and upgrade your house. Whether you choose to add a splash of colour or go for a classic white floor, painted floorboards leave a lasting impression while also remaining affordable.

Estimated Cost:

  • Many paints these days don’t require additional primer, so painting the floorboards can cost as little as £25-£50 depending on the surface area of the floor.

3. Stylish stair runner

In most UK homes, the staircase is often the first thing that greets visitors. Updating treads with a stylish stair runner is a great way to add value to your property that is also budget- friendly. With just a few supplies, you can transform the whole entranceway of your home, either choosing a striped or bold coloured runner, or going for a neutral weave.

Estimated Cost:

  • Depending on the a few factors, such as whether the runner is custom-made, material, style, number of stairs and whether you have it professionally installed, stair-runners can vary from anywhere between £500- £1,150.

4. Renew your cornicing

Often, original features of a property get under decades of paint. Their original splendour is lost, which is unfortunate as they are a real plus point for potential buyers and the overall appeal of the property. Decorative cornicing is a great decorative feature for any house, so stripping off the paint to revive the detail is a great idea- or installing it if you’re looking for a timeless decoration.

Estimated Cost:

  • The average cost in the UK to install cornice is £25- £30 per meter, and for a whole room you’re looking at around £335 for standing coving. Ornate plaster cornice in a room may cost around £850.
  • If you’re looking to expose cornice that already exists in the property, you can get a 10 x10ft room stripped back for less than £1,000.
  • Calling a cornice cleaning company is a good idea.

5. Installing a skylight

If you have a smaller room, attic conversion or a bathroom that needs more light, then the addition of a skylight is a relatively inexpensive architectural solution. Adding one will instantly transform and brighten any gloomy room.

Estimated Cost:

  • The cost of Velux skylights starts at around £500 for the non-opening, fixed solution.
  • Installation fees are around £250-£350 for an experienced builder.

6. Artificial grass

If you’re not much of a gardener but love the appeal of freshly cut grass and a manicured garden, then artificial grass is the way to go. It adds an ultra-realistic, green space to your garden, and unlike real grass, it only needs vacuuming every so often. Additionally, it won’t yellow and dry out in the sun.

Estimated Cost:

  • The typical price of artificial grass is around £9.99 per square meter.

7. Replace or refresh internal doors

Doors are a very important feature of any property and transforming your existing doors can give any room an instant update. Whether you revamp your existing doors with a splash of paint or install a new set of French doors with glass windowpanes, updated doors can transform any space.

Estimated Cost:

  • To paint your doors, the cost can be as low as £16 for a 750ml tin.
  • Replacement doors may cost more, with French doors cost on average between £300-£500.

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