Jodie Whittaker cast as Doctor Who: the best and worst reactions


The casting announcement of the next Doctor Who is always a highly anticipated event, but when the BBC named Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Time Lord, it sent social media into a frenzy.

As soon as the Broadchurch actress was announced as the first female Doctor,the internet went into overdrive, with fans using the hashtag #doctor13 and #jodiewhittaker to show their support or displeasure with the BBC’s choice.

Most people were overwhelmingly supportive of the idea that an alien creature that can regenerate multiple times chose to be a woman, but a select few, mostly readers of the Daily Express and Daily Mail, decided that a Time Lord with a vagina was an assault on their values and “PC gone mad”.

Here are some of the best and worst reactions to the news:

Best reactions

Worst reactions

Daily Express commentators:

“This is the death of Dr Who or should I say Dr What????? Maybe a nice pink TARDIS with chintz and lace curtains at the windows and a wipe your feet mat inside the doors. This is the worst decision in a long line of them that have turned this show into a joke. I doubt there will be a 14th Dr Who. RIP Dr Who, you will be missed.” – BigglesG

“this doctor will let the Daleks take over and kill innocent people…

“I mean you can’t kill Daleks you Gotta be politically correct” – roberthingston

“Sorry, can’t save the universe right now, it’s that time of the month again.” – Bill Miller

“They will lose so many fans. PC crap, why will they never learn that people have had just about enough of it.” – IanW

Daily Mail readers:

“Just waiting waiting for the BBC to change the Nativity to the three wise feminists from the east” – The Cad

“I hope the ratings plunge and it gets cancelled. This program is a pale imitation of what it once was. I own every dvd for the entire 54 years on my shelf. Alienate your core fan base and you deserve what you get.”
– Petel

“So the BBC has done it they’ve bent to the will of the pc let’s have sexual equality in all things brigade. They ever think of making Wonder Woman, Lady McBeth,Elizabeth Bennett, Anna Karenina or even God forbid Mary Poppins a man so why mess with Doctor Who. I’ve watched The Doctor since the first episode in ’63 but they’ve just lost this viewer.” – merrickjles


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