It will soon be spring and time to prep the garden and get the patio looking perfect for some outdoor entertaining. But before you decide to fork out hundreds or thousands of pounds on new tools and equipment it may be worth exploring whether tool rental may be a better option than buying the new equipment and then trying to find somewhere to stash it for the next year until you need it again.

For seasonal garden upkeep or one-off projects renting equipment can be the better option as it saves you money, storage space, and the difficulties of maintenance. Here’s three questions to ponder before you make that next tool purchase.

How often will you use the tool?

If the tool is for a one-off project or some maintenance you will only perform every year or two then tool rental may be a better option than buying the apparatus and trying to find somewhere in your home to stash the item for the other 364 days of the year. Renting infrequently used tools means that you save money and space and you can leave the maintenance to somebody else as well.

However, for tasks that you expect to do every few weeks, or even every week, like a lawnmower or leaf blower then it will be more cost effective and convenient to buy the item outright than pay to rent it and have to transport it to and from the rental company.

Will larger or higher powered equipment save you days of work?

There are numerous tasks where using a higher powered or larger piece of equipment could save you days of labour. However, even the most committed DIYer does not have the space to store or knowledge to maintain heavy equipment such as a jack-hammer to break up some concrete or a digger to excavate a new pond. These situations are one-off large tasks that could take days or weeks with standard household tools, but thanks to mini digger hire companies you could get the work done in under a day for the cost of a days rental.

Reliable hire companies will not only allow you to hire professional-grade equipment for a day at a fraction of the cost of buying such tools yourself, but may also be able to help you find a better tool for the project than your Google-based research may have uncovered.

Do you want to try before you buy?

Tools can be expensive and you want to know you have the right tool for the job before parting with your money. Even if you think you have found the perfect tool for a regular weekly task, it may be worth renting the tool first to make sure it is as effective as expected. You return a piece of equipment after you have used it just because you chose the wrong tool, so better to get the decision right first time by hiring the tool and trying it out before committing to a big purchase.


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