The last twelve months have given all of us time to re-evaluate what is important and as the world reopens in the coming months thousands of people are expected to move house in search of a better life. In a market so uncertain, it is more important that ever to make sure your home is looking its best to attract buyers and for many that will mean making some improvements.

A fresh coat of paint and a few plants dotted around the property will make a marked difference to any home, but for those that have the capital available to invest there are a handful of home improvements that buyers are known to love, and which can add thousand to the value of your home.

Add an extension

It can be a difficult task to add an extension to your home, with planning permission requirements and the noise and disruption of major works, but the value such an improvements adds is undeniable.

From a new sun-room to a converted loft or basement, any development that adds to the floorspace of your home can dramatically increase the value of your home, possibly by up to 20 per cent, pushing your home into the next price bracket.

Refresh the kitchen

We all spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, both cooking and entertaining guests. This constant use can make a kitchen start to look worn after only a few years, and as it is arguably the most important room in the home a tired-looking kitchen can be a significant drag on the value of a property.

Those on a tighter budget could replace the drawers and cupboard doors to improve the look and feel of a kitchen relatively easily, but to really add value then a new kitchen installation could be the best option to make the room pop.

Install a new bathroom

Any improvements to the bathroom are welcome, but the single most valuable addition to any bathroom is a bath, with self-care a top priority for many house buyers today. Match a natural stone bath, with similarly lavish suite and tile or luxury vinyl flooring and your bathroom is ready to impress.

Create an office space

The majority of house buyers were not hugely interested in home office space before 2020, but the last twelve months has made it clear to us all that not all work in the future will be in the office. Creating a dedicated office space is therefore a useful way to show potential buyers that your property could be a good fit for a future where they may be working from home more often than in the past.

Rethink the flooring

Nobody likes worn-out carpets and scuffed flooring, but they are often the last improvement people think of making to their home. Depending on your décor, a new carpet could be a worthwhile investment, but nothing beats the natural charm of real wood engineered flooring combined with underfloor heating to give a room a wow factor.


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