On any other year, Christmas Eve would be a period when millions of us would be trying to clear out our spare rooms to make space for family to come to stay for the holidays. This year may be different, but we can still continue the tradition and see it as an opportunity to have a clear out and make some space.

Even if you don’t quite live in one of the many tiny houses on the market, living in a city means you have to make the most of the limited space you have available. And unless property in London suddenly becomes more affordable, that means making the most of every corner of your house – from beneath beds to between the floorboards.

1. Under floor storage

Many houses have space beneath the floorboards that already houses pipes and wiring and can relatively easily be converted into secret storage space by adding a small hatch. People without such space could create a platform, raising a section of floor by 30-50cm, and create a wealth of new underfloor storage space.

For those with a more generous budget, there are also a variety of companies that offer specialised underfloor storage construction for secret wine cellars, which can be temperature controlled to make sure the wine is kept in optimum conditions.

2. Stair storage

It is common for people to have some form of cupboards under the stairs for storage, but another clever option is to have the stairs themselves as drawers. These drawers are well hidden, but large enough to fit a wide array of items from winter shoes to books and other items.

3. Under bed storage

Our beds take up a large part of our bedrooms, but the space beneath them can often be put to better use. Many bed manufacturers now produce beds that come with built-in drawers beneath then, which are perfect for storing large items like luggage, toys, or spare guestroom bed linen and towels.

For people really short on space, then bringing the mattress higher off the ground will give additional storage space, but there will be a trade off in terms of how easy or difficult it may be getting into bed.

4. Built-in wardrobes

Whilst antique furniture can be a beautiful addition to any home and Ikea flatpacks offer fantastic value-for-money, if you want to make the best use of the space in your home then built-in furniture is always the best option. Anybody with decent DIY skills and the right tools can create a basic built-in bookcase, but for built-in wardrobes and cupboards you might want to call a carpenter.

5. Fitted kitchen storage

The kitchen is the most well-used room in the house, but trying to find space for all those pots, pans, kitchen gadgets is a difficult task and can make the room feel permanently messy. To avoid this, you need to make the most of the space by creating a well-fitted kitchen, with the help of a local carpenter or a specialised company like fitted furniture experts Hammonds.

Beyond making good use of those tough to access areas like corner cupboards, a specialist will also be able to help you find extra space, such as by creating a fold-out table at the end of your kitchen counter, or hanging rails to keep your knives and pots easily accessible.




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