Millions of us live in rented flats and houses. Issues around the housing crisis aside, rented accommodation offers the possibility of living in a great city without an expensive deposit, but also limits the alterations we can do to a property.

If you have lived in a rented flat for a while, you are probably bored of the magnolia walls and cheap furniture that came with the property, but have struggled to find ways to make the property your own. Here are four cheap and easy ways to add a bit of personality to your home without upsetting the landlord.

Make use of plants

Scientific studies have demonstrated that plants in the home can help reduce stress levels, boost productivity, and improve the air quality,  and they are a great way to make your place feel more homely. A combination of large and small pots around the property along with some indoor hanging pots can really liven up the property and the colours will break up the sea of magnolia.

Most supermarkets and homeware stores offers a variety of plants for sale, and for those who are looking for something a little more inventive and unique then boutique online plant shops like Patch and Pointless Plants have a wide array of options to choose from.

Add some new furniture

You may need to keep much of the original furniture in the house, like the sofa or beds, but that does not stop you adding a few new pieces of your own. Whether it is a new TV stand for those Netflix binges, or a new armchair UK manufactured or from your favourite Scandinavian homeware store.

If full furniture is too much of a stretch, then some new cushions or a throw for the sofa can change the colour dynamic of a room and make it a little more personal without breaking the bank.

Use tape instead of picture hooks

Some UK properties come with dado rails so you are able to hand paintings and photographs without damaging the walls, most properties do not. And many landlords are less than keen on tenants hammering nails into the walls.

The solution to this issue is to fix your pictures to the wall using tape, which not only will save your deposit from complaints of wall damage but can also add a different effect. Printed photos and posters can be taped directly to the wall, and if you have some small paintings in frames, then a little double-sided sticky tape can help you get that triptych look you’ve been after.

Paint an accent wall

Painting a whole room takes a lot of time and repainting it back to magnolia when you move out can be a bore, so instead choose a small wall or section of wall and that can be your source of colour. Neon is having a bit of a resurgence at the moment for those brave enough to try a bright pink wall, but for the more cautious a deep blue wall can give the room a different feel and would be a more elegant option.


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