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Tech The Pirate Bay's Google influenced logo
Google Starts Punishing “Pirate” Sites In Search Results

Google announced today that it will lower the search engine rankings of websites that receive a high number of DMCA takedown requests, independent of whether the linked content is lawful or not. The algorithm change is the result of extensive lobbying efforts by Hollywood and the major music labels, and could severely degrade the rankings of websites such as The Pirate Bay, FilesTube, and even YouTube.

World Aftermath of the shelling in the Midan district of Damascus
Syria: Videos Document A Sharply Escalating Conflict

An attack on Wednesday in the Syrian capital Damascus, killed President Bashar Al Assad’s key security aides, marking an important escalation in the 16-month-old conflict between the Syrian regime and opposition forces. On Thursday, activists reported continuous fighting in neighborhoods encircling the capital Damascus. The same day, Russia and China vetoed a United Nations Security Council’s resolution that would have sanctioned the Syrian government for failing to implement an international peace plan.