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Science Coca-Cola
How much is too much sugar?

Everyone knows that too much sugar is bad for you, but how much is too much? According to a study published earlier this year, the amount of additional dietary sugar considered safe by regulatory agencies was enough to impact the health of mice, reducing the lifespan of females and the fertility of males.

Science Piano
Music, memory and voices

Humans are remarkably talented musicians. We can recognize a tune despite changes like being slowed down or sped up or even if all of the notes are shifted to a higher or lower pitch. Though these may seem like trivial feats, most other animals can’t manage them.

Science Artificial intelligence
Understanding Intelligence

From Siri answering our questions and Watson advising nurses to smart apps that aggregate information to help us out (or spy on us), artificial intelligence is transforming our world. Despite incredible advances, somehow these amazingly “intelligent” systems sometimes seem profoundly stupid.

Science Young lady, old woman illusion
What Are Illusions?

Humans have an exquisite sense of vision. It’s the primary sense for most of us and our making way of interacting with the world around us. We process the massive amount of visual data generated by sight using trillions of interconnections between billions of neurons spread across half our cerebral cortex. Despite this, our visual system falls prey to illusions, constructing ambiguous interpretations and objects that can’t or don’t exist. How do these illusions work and why do they succeed in fooling us even when we know about them?

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