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World Protesters supporting Edward Snowden
US/UK spy chiefs cover up NSA surveillance scandal

In the face of right­eous pub­lic wrath, the US admin­is­tra­tion is con­tort­ing itself to ensure that it does not lose its treas­ured data-mining cap­ab­il­it­ies: con­gres­sional hear­ings are held, the media is on the warpath, and senior securo­crats are being forced to admit that they have lied about the effic­acy of endemic sur­veil­lance in pre­vent­ing ter­ror­ism.

UK Woolwich attacker brandishing a knife with bloodied hands
Woolwich: The “Why?” Should Be Obvious

The suspects in the Woolwich murder made no secret of their political motivations for the attack, encouraging photos and smartphone recordings to get their message across, so why aren’t we talking about the UK’s military intervention in the Muslim world?