Left-wing Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the new leader of the Labour Party, winning nearly 60% of the votes.

Corbyn gained 251,417 or 59.5% of first preference votes, giving him a landslide victory over Andy Burnham, who got 19%, Evette Cooper on 17%, and Liz Kendall on 4.5%.

In total, 422,664 people cast a vote, a 76% turnout of Labour members.

The veteran MP for Islington North began his campaign as the left-wing outsider, but soon rose to become the favourite in the leadership contest, with many Labour members describing the other candidates as “Tory-lite”.

In his victory speech, Corbyn vowed to fight for a more tolerant and inclusive Britain and to tackle “grotesque levels of inequality in our society”.

He went on to describe his supporters as “passionate, democratic [and]diverse”, and said that his campaign showed that young people were not apathetic about politics, but disillusioned by how politics in Westminster was being conducted, and that was something he planned to address as leader of the opposition.

As his first action as Labour leader, Corbyn said he would join the pro-refugee demonstration in London.

Former minister and leader of the campaign to bring those behind phone hacking at the News of the World to justice, Tom Watson, was elected deputy leader


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