Foreign ministers from the European Union have agreed to impose sanctions on the Ukrainian officials that they believe are “responsible for violence and excessive force” in the ongoing clashes in Kiev.

In a statement, the Council of the European Union condemned the violence and urged all sides to engage in a “meaningful dialogue” about constitutional reform and the creation of conditions for a democratic election, saying:

No circumstances can justify the repression we are currently witnessing. We condemn in the strongest terms all use of violence. Those responsible for grave human rights violations should be brought to justice.

The ministers went on to say that they would introduce sanctions, asset freezes, and visa bans against those responsible, saying:

The EU has decided as a matter of urgency to introduce targeted sanctions including asset freeze and visa ban against those responsible for human rights violations, violence and use of excessive force.

The statement comes after one of the bloodiest days in the ongoing uprising in Ukraine, where 21 protesters and one policeman were killed and many more injured. Police have started firing live rounds at protesters, with some protesters also reported to be armed.

The US has already announced visa bans for 20 Ukrainian government officials, but they have not disclosed the names of those targeted.


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