Israel continued its air strikes on Gaza overnight as Hamas militants fired longer range rockets into Israel, targeting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

At least eight Palestinians are reported to have been killed in the latest round of air strikes, as Israeli forces targeted 129 sites across Gaza.

35 Palestinians including 8 children and five women have now been killed in the latest resurgence in hostilities, and at least 300 people have been injured.

Israel says it has only targeted known Hamas militants, rocket launcher sites, and smuggling tunnels, striking 550 locations throughout Gaza as part of “Operation protective Edge”. However, officials have vowed to step up the campaign, and the Israeli government has authorised the mobilisation of 40,000 additional reservists for a possible ground offensive.

Hamas warned that all Israelis are now targets as militants fired 117 rockets on Tuesday and a further 48 on Wednesday, targeting cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with new longer range weapons, such as the M75s and M302 surface-to-surface rockets.



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