More than 100 Palestinians have been killed as Israel intensified its bombardment of Gaza after a weekend of broken truces.

Israel carried out at least 60 air strikes on Gaza after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a televised address in which he called for a demilitarisation of Gaza to protect Israel and stressed the need to destroy Hamas’ tunnels.

Israeli forces are targeting Gaza from the air, sea, and land with a tank shell hitting Gaza’s only power plant. This caused a fire that forced the plant to be shut down, leaving many Palestinians without there already rationed supply of electricity.

The Israeli ground campaign to destory the tunnels has created an effective “no man’s land” covering almost 40% of Gaza, an already overcrowded region.

The UN is currently caring for 200,337 Palestinians, 10% of Gaza’s population, in its 85 shelters in Gaza. However, even those in UN shelters are not safe from the bombardment, with an estimated 97 UNRWA installations in Gaza damaged since 1 June, according to UNWRA spokesperson Chriss Gunness

UN workers and seven Palestinian families are be among those killed in the recent bombardment, which Israel claims is to target Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza.

An Israeli missile reportedly struck the UN-marked car carrying a doctor and his brother in northern Gaza, says reporter on the ground Mohammed Omer.

1,156 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed since the launch of Operation Defensive Edge, with more than 6,700 injured. However, despite the heavy loss of life, the military operation still has support of over 85% of Israelis who constantly hear the sirens as Hamas rockets continue to be fire over the border.

53 Israeli soldiers, two Israeli civilians, and a Thai national in Israel have also been killed in the hostilities.


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