Israeli security forces killed three Palestinians in the occupied West Bank as they protested against the ongoing Israeli ground offensive in Gaza which has claimed the lives of over 800 people.

Israel confirmed the use of “riot dispersal means” including rubber bullets and tear gas in the West Bank as organisers from Fatah led around 10,000 of Palestinians to Qalandia on the outskirts of East Jerusalem to demonstrate against the Israeli military action in Gaza.

The protests soon turned violent as Palestinians threw rocks, fireworks, and molotov cocktails at Israeli forces, who reportedly responded with live rounds.

Doctors in Ramallah told the Guardian that three demonstrators reportedly died of gunshot wounds, with dozens more treated for various injuries after the protest.

The unity shown between Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the scale of the demonstrations, and the calls for a “day of rage” on Friday, raises the possibility of a third intifada unless peace is soon agreed.

The latest casualties in Gaza include at least 15 people killed while sheltering at a UNWRA school, after the building was hit by an Israeli shell.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is understood to have presented a ceasefire plan to Israel and Hamas in Cairo on Thursday, but Hamas has previously stated that they would not sign a peace agreement that did not end the blockade on Gaza. Kerry is expected to leave the region on Friday with or without a peace agreement.



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