Former Fifa vice present Jack Warner has said that he will break his silence and reveal all he knows about corruption at Fifa.

In a television address in his native Trinidad and Tobago, Warner said that he feared for his life and would reveal details about corruption within football’s global governing body, and specifically named embattled Fifa president Sepp Blatter. He said that he had documents in his possession, which he has shared with his lawyers in case anything happened to him, that also show Fifa’s involvement in the result of Trinidad and Tobago’s 2010 election.

Warner resigned from his duties in international football in 2001 after bribery allegations, and ater also steppe down from being Trinidad and Tobago’s security minister after being involved in a fraud inquiry.

The 72-year old is one of those accused of bribery and corruption by US authorities, which are looking to extradite him to face charges.

His comments follow the publication of a transcript of former Fifa official Chuck Blazer’s 2013 guilty plea to charges of accepting bribes. As part of his plea deal, Blazer has worked undercover for US authorities to uncover further evidence of wrongdoing at the organisation. This information is believed to be the basis of the evidence that led last week to US authorities charging 14 Fifa officials with accepting $150m (£97m) in bribes over a period of 24 years.



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