Spanish police have arrested a suspect on Britain’s ‘Most Wanted’ list over the torture and murder of another British fugitive in the country.

Paul Monk, 54, was arrested in a police raid at his luxury villa in Alicante, where officers also seized €125,000 (£90,000) in cash and a fake firearm with silencer, which had bee hidden in plant pots around the property.

He is under investigation in Spain for the killing of Francis Brennan, whose body was discovered in a heavily-taped plastic bag on the Zenia beach in Orihuela in March 2014.

He is also wanted by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) on suspicion of drug trafficking, but will remain in Spain while Spanish authorities investigate his involvement in Brennan’s murder.

Brennan was a 25-year-old fugitive who had fled the UK after being convicted of wounding. He was kidnapped in the street by a group of men disguised as Spanish police officers.

His killing is believed to have been the result of a gangland feud over money.

Last month, Monk was featured in the latest Crimestoppers 10 Most Wanted list as part of Operation Captura.



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