Croatia has said it is ready to receive refugees fleeing Syria or direct them where they want to go, a day after Hungary closed its border with Serbia.

Around 150 refugees have already crossed into Croatia from Serbia, with many hoping to continue towards Germany and other northern European states.

Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that authorities were prepared “to receive or direct those people where they want to go, which is obviously Germany or Scandinavian countries”.

Hungarian police have arrested more than 350 refugees that have breached the barbed-wire fence separating Serbia and Hungary, and hundreds more refugees remain on the Serbian side of the border hoping to find a way into the EU.

The refugee crisis has caused a bitter row between EU countries, with Germany leading the way to offer asylum to those fleeing conflicts, while other countries like the UK have refused to accept any of the hundreds of thousands that have already reached the EU block.

According to the EU’s border agency, more than 500,000 migrants have arrived at the EU’s borders this year, nearly double the figure for 2014.



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