French police have identified the third attacker at the Bataclan music venue during the Paris attacks, Prime Minister Manuel Valls says.

Investigators have not publicly released the name of the suspect, but local newspapers have named the man as 23-year-old French national Foued Mohamed-Aggad from Strasbourg.

AFP reports that he was identified last week after French police matched DNA left at the scene to that of members of his family.

Mohamed-Aggad reportedly travelled to Syria with his brother and other radicalised youths from Strasbourg in late 2013. Many from that group were arrested upon returning to France in 2014, but Mohamed-Aggad was believed to have remained in Syria.

He was reportedly recruited by Mourad Fares, a man described by police as “particularly dangerous” for his role in recruiting French nationals for extremist groups including Daesh (Islamic State).

Mohamed-Aggad’s father, Said, told Le Parisien newspaper that he knew nothing of his son’s involvement in the attack until he saw his name in the media and said he “would have killed him beforehand” if he had known that he would go on to carry out such an attack.

The two other attackers at Bataclan have previously been identified as French nationals Omar Ismail Mostefai, 29, and Samy Amimour, 28.

All those involved in the Paris attacks, which left a total of 130 people dead on 13 November, have been identified as either French or Belgian nationals.

The Syrian passports carried by the two men who blew themselves up outside the Stade de France are believed to be fake, and designed by Daesh to create hostility within Europe against Syrian refugees.



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