Migrants at the Greece-Macedonia border have broken through a barbed-wire fence using a steel pole as a battering ram.

Video footage shows a group of migrants breaking through the wire with a steel pole, before tearing back the fence to try and climb through at Idomeni.

Macedonian police used tear gas to force the people away from the broken fence.

More than 100,000 migrants have arrived on European shore in the first two months of 2016, mostly in Greece and Italy.

Greek neighbours Macedonia and Austria have imposed strict caps on the number of migrants they will let cross into their countries, which has left Greece with thousands of people stuck living in squalid conditions in makeshift camps in the hope that they will be allowed to continue their journey to Germany or Sweden.

Disagreement between European partners has left Greece unable to cope with the influx of people arriving at its shores, which include refugees from Syria and Yemen as well as others fleeing conflict and poverty throughout the middle east and northern Africa.



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