The final death toll for the Shoreham air crash could rise to 20, Sussex Police have warned.

Assistant Chief Constable of Sussex Police Steve Barry said:

“It’s too early to tell but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t go above 11.

“If it would be below 20 then that would be probably the best estimate that I could give you at this stage.”

Thousands of people were watching the Shoreham Air Show when the pilot of the Hawker Hunter failed to complete a loop-the-loop and sent the plane crashing into a busy bypass, hitting at least four cars.

Amateur video footage of the crash published online shows a huge fireball rising into the air following the impact.

At the time, police estimated that about 11 people were “highly likely” to have been killed in the accident, with a further 14 injured, including 51-year-old pilot Andy Hill.

Hill was a former Harrier pilot in the Royal Air Force (RAF) before flying for British Airways and becoming a renowned air display pilot.


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