A security alert has been issued after a “credible” threat was made to kidnap and murder a West Midlands Police officer.

The police have implemented extra security measures after they received an anonymous but credible top-off about the threat on Monday night.

Measures included advice about travelling to and from work in partial uniform as well as police station security.

However, despite the threat, the police have reassured the public that they continue to patrol the streets and are committed to protecting the public.

West Midlands Police Assistant Chief Constable Garry Forsyth said:

“It was anonymous, but credible information and we acted swiftly to relay details to officers and remind them over the importance to remain vigilant.

“We took steps last night to ensure the safety of our officers and staff: some were held on duty at the end of their shifts whilst they were given the security reminder but at no time were officers taken off the streets.

“Our commitment is to protect the public from harm and, though we take all security issues seriously, we will not be distracted from that promise.

“It’s important to also stress that the information we received did not refer to the wider public and there was no increased risk to people.”

No specific details about the threat have been released.



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