David Cameron say the UK will be made safer by launching air strikes on Islamic State targets within Syria alongside the US-led coalition.

The prime minister told MPs that Britain should not “outsource our security to allies” and must stand by France in the wake of the Paris attacks.

David Cameron said the UK was already a target for IS militants and denied claims launching air strikes against the group in Syria would increase the risk of a terror attack in the UK.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was unconvinced by the case for Syrian air strikes.He said:

“The question must now be whether extending the UK bombing from Iraq to Syria is likely to reduce, or increase, that threat and whether it will counter, or spread, the terror campaign Isis is waging in the Middle East.”

The UK already conducts air strikes on IS positions within Iraq in coordination with the Iraq government.

There are no plans for the UK to launch a boots-on-the-ground mission in Syria.

After the embarrassment of failing to win a vote to launch air strikes against Syrian military targets last year, the prime minister has said he will only hold a vote on air strikes in Syria if he believes the government will win it.



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