A second earthquake measuring over seven on the Richter scale has struck Nepal killing dozens of people, just two weeks after 8,000 people died in another devastating quake.

At least 36 people have been confirmed dead and more than a thousands people injured in the quake, the epicentre of which was near the town of Namche Bazaar, near the Chinese border in eastern Nepal.

The quake sent thousands of people running into the streets the capital, Kathmandu, in fear that they may be caught under collapsing buildings.

The quake struck at 12:35 local time (06:50 GMT) and had a magnitude of 7.3, compared to the 7.8 of the 25 April quake in western Nepal.

National search and rescue teams have been deployed to the affected areas and the Government of Nepal said it had dispatched military helicopters to assess the damage and possibly provide emergency health assistance. The Government has also asked the hospitals in affected areas, including Kathmandu, to remain on stand-by to treat the injured.

The powerful quake could be felt as far away as northern India and Bangladesh.

The region has been hit by almost daily aftershocks since the devastating quake in April.



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