Ten people have been killed in a helicopter crash in Argentina, including three French sports personalities.

Two helicopters flown by Argentinian pilots and carrying eight French nationals collided in La Rioja province in north-west Argentina.

Visibility and flying conditions were good at the time of the impact. It is currently unknown what caused the two helicopters to collide and an investigation is underway.

Those killed in the crash include Yachtswoman Florence Arthaud, Olympic swimmer Camille Muffat and Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine.

The helicopters were involved in the filming of French TV survival show Dropped, made by production company Adventure Line Productions (ALP). In the show, celebrities are helicoptered into remote locations and filmed trying to find food, shelter, and survive in the wild.

In a statement, French President Francois Hollande said:

“The sudden death of our fellow French nationals is a cause of immense sadness”



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